Update: Blueberry Simplex

I’ve been on the cloth diaper journey for a little over two years now. I have tried a lot of diapers. A lot. I still see pros and cons to all sorts of diapers and systems, but when it comes down to it I reach for my Simplex over and over again. I have added several more to my stash since I first started. I have bought these as shower gifts for people wanting to cloth. Hands down, this is the AIO I recommend. 

A few things have changed since I wrote my first “rear-view” on Simplex. At that time, I had a couple of the bamboo limited release…and claimed I’d make a whole stash of them if I could. Turns out, that was a lie. Over time, the bamboo reallllly shrunk up, and the soaker was too small to fill the pocket when the rise was fully unsnapped. They still work great fully snapped for my newbie-but not for E. In fact, I destashed all but one-and that’s cause the buyer wasn’t interested due to the level of shrinkage. 

It is also worth mentioning that Simplex raised their prices since I first spoke about them. I still totally think they’re worth it. 

Simplex now comes in an organic cotton option for an even heftier price. I don’t love this option. While it’s definitely soft, and I love the fact that it’s organic, it quilts up like a prefold-and makes the soaker “bunchy”. It also doesn’t have the stay dry option on soaker. This doesn’t bother me so much, as I don’t use that feature anyway…but thought I should mention it for interested parties. 

In addition to their regular line up of prints, Blueberry has succumbed to the ever growing world of limited edition, and retailer exclusive prints. While this increases the number of prints available, it’s worth noting that some people take issue with the feel of the PUL on these smaller run fabric batches. Blueberry says this is due to the different printing method used for small and large run fabric printing. 
All that’s to say I still love them! 

Here’s R modeling my lone organic simplex  at almost four months and (I’m totally guessing) 15 pounds.  

And here’s E at 2 years and 28 pounds modeling the very first simplex I bought 2 years ago. This is the regular birds eye cotton option.  



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