It’s the little things

There’s more to cloth diapering than just super cute fluffy butts. This is a post to deal with all the other little accoutrements that go along with it. 

Pail liner:

 You’re gonna need some where to put the dirties between laundry days. I use a plain ole kitchen trash can with a Planet Wise pail liner. It may seem counterintuitive, but leaving the lid up increases air flow which decreases odor. I have two pail liners that I rotate through so I always have one in play while the other is in the wash. 

Wet bags: 

 Again, I use Planet Wise wetbags. Pictured are small, medium, and large. I also pictured a diaper to help demonstrate size. I keep smalls in diaper bags for quick trips around town. They’ll hold one, maybe two if you really push it. In my opinion, mediums are the best size. They’re small enough to carry with you, but will hold six to eight diapers comfortably. I send these to daycare every day. They’re also great for day trips. I take the large wetbag with me on weekend trips. I’ve been able to squeeze at least 15-18 diapers in that bad boy. 

Cloth Wipes: 

 Using cloth wipes are not a necessity when cloth diapering, but for me they’re super easy and I use them for everything. They come in just as many varieties as diapers. You can buy them, or make them. Single ply, double, different fabrics. Some people use baby wash clothes. I personally make mine from spare recieving blankets. I just cut them into squares with pinking shears. They’re not as pretty as purchased ones, or ones that you take them time to serve the edges, but they work very well. 

Wipe Solution: 

 Just as cloth diapering is personal, so is what works best for you as far as solution goes. Some people use straight water. Some buy concentrated mixes and then dilute. I make my own with a little squirt of baby soap and a little squirt of baby oil mixed with water in the peri bottle I got from the hospital. I know some people use a wipes warmer, but beware…if you’re going to do that, only do a few at a time, or you may face mold issues. 

Cloth Diaper booty cream: 

 I use and love CJ’s BUTTer. I use as a barrier at diaper changes. I send the spray to daycare and keep the sample pots in diaper bags. Usually this takes care of any little bit of redness that shows up, but occasionally (teething!) we get a rash that needs something stronger than CJ’s. When this happens I’ll employ a liner. 


 I just use microfleece to line my diapers if I need to use a non CD safe cream. When E teethes, she gets some horrible diaper rashes, so we have to bring out guns, and thus the liners. These protect my cloth from repelling issues. I’ve read that’s only a real issue with microfiber, but I don’t take chances with my cloth. 


 Sometimes you need a little extra oomph as far as absorbency goes. I use hemp inserts from GMD for a little boost when necessary. These come in handy for road trips or overnight. 

Diaper Sprayer: 

 Finally, my favorite. My Bum Genius diaper sprayer. This little bad boy attaches to the water line of the toilet and clips to the side. It does what it’s name implies…sprays diapers. There will come a time in cloth diapering that you might question your choice to CD. It’s a time between Breast fed poop and plopable poop. It’s known as the Peanut Butter Poop stage, and it’s…not fun. It’s when the sprayer is so wonderful to have around! Some people dunk and swish – not a lot of fun. You could use a handheld shower sprayer if your bathroom is laid out in a way that you could reach the toilet, which would be very convenient in lieu of a sprayer.

As always, happy CD-ing!


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