Falling for Flats – Mini Kite Fold

Let’s talk about flats, baby! Flats are a great, versatile option for anyone that wants to cloth. This is probably the cheapest option, although like all diapering, can get pricy if you let it. Cotton flour sack towels (FSTs) can be bought for about a dollar a piece at Wal Mart. Flats also come in bamboo and hemp for a higher price, and luxury stretch bamboo flats for higher still. There are endless ways to fold a flat to get a custom fit with specific zone absorbency taylored for your specific needs. Pin or snappi in place and add a cover and voilà!

With E I didn’t even try flats, for many reasons. I was just getting started, and wanted something easy. I was so intimidated by them. My prefolds were working great, and just seemed so easy, I didn’t see a reason to even try anything else. Then we moved on to AIOs, and the rest is history. 

I did buy a few bamboo flats for diaper stuffing (and when I thought I might try them someday). I also bought one luxury stretchy bamboo flat, because I was curious am diligent in my research of all things CD.

So, fast forward to having R. I refuse to buy newborn AIOs, because you can only use them for such a short period. As I posted earlier my plan was to use prefolds, and workhorses until R could fit into one size. When I started cloth on E at two months, small GMD prefolds worked really well for several months. Well, I don’t know if R is just a more stout baby or what, but the prefolds seem really small on her. I could go ahead and move up to Mediums, but for posterity I looked into flat folds to try one day.

I settled on the mini kite fold, since it was suggested for a newborn. I’ve used both the regular and stretchy flats for this, and much prefer the stretchy. This is mostly due to the fact that my Nickis bamboo flats are no longer square. 

  Start with your diaper laid out on a flat surface. 
 Fold all corners into the center, to create a smaller square. 

 Bring two opposite corners in to the midline. This will give you your “kite”. 

 Fold top corner in, so now you have a triangle. 

 Bring bottom corner up. This step will determine the rise, and will depend on the size of your baby. Mine just happens to be where the two corners touch, but if that’s not enough rise for you, don’t fold as much.  

 Jelly roll in the sides to help contain poop. The baby is usually on the diaper at this point, but to preserve her modesty, I’ll demonstrate without her. 

 Bring center up between legs. 

 Pull wings around to get a secure fit. 

 Snappi in place. 

 Check around legs for secure fit. Adjust roll if necessary by tucking back under.  

 Add cover (this is a Flip, and my least favorite cover, especially for a newborn since it doesn’t have double gussets, but all my others were dirty.) 

 Again, check for around legs.

As you can see, you can get an extremely trim fit with a flat on a small baby. I’ve also had no leaks and these have lasted for some three hour naps. 

This is a Stashify infant sized flat. R is 5 weeks and approx 12 lbs.


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