“Rear View” GMD Workhorse

As promised, I’m here to discuss the GMD Workhorse. This little fella is aptly named. This is a very affordable option for someone that wants to beef up their stash with some easy, no need to fold diapers. 


This diaper can also be referred to as a “prefitted” because they are made from the same type of material as prefolds. This particular diaper comes from Green Mountain Diapers, but other companies do make similar diapers, this is just the only one I have personal experience with. 

These come in bleached cotton and organic cotton options. This is a sized diaper (I’m using smalls), and comes with or without snaps. The snap version is nice because you don’t need anything else to secure this diaper. The no closure option is more customizable with the use of pins, boingos, or snappis. There is a sewn in soaker.

This diaper is not waterproof on its own, so a cover is required to make this clothing worthy. 

What exactly makes this better than prefolds? (Which are cheaper, btw)

Nothing makes it better but the fact that you don’t have to fold it, and the fact that it’s got some elastic in the legs makes it easier. This sure does make middle of the night new born diaper changes a lot less painful. (If you’ve ever forgotten to jelly roll a leg on a Prefold in a sleep deprived haze, and paid for it with a poosplosion, you’ll totally appreciate this diaper).

So why do you only use it during the newborn stage?

That’s just personal preference. Workhorses come in newborn size all the way to XL. I don’t use beyond a few months old because, eventually extra absorbency is needed, and I just prefer other fitteds. However, if you love em, by all means…go forth and use workhorses for all of your diapering days. I can tell you if I’d done that…I could’ve saved hundreds of dollars. 

Okay, enough chit chat! Let’s see one on a booty!



Shown under a Thirsties size one cover. Note the double gussets in the leg. A MUST with runny baby poop. 

(R is four weeks old and approx 9.5 pounds)

Overall grade: B+


  • Super easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Organic option available!
  • Very soft
  • Cost


  • If you have a heavy wetter, may not be absorbent enough.
  • Multiple sizes needed if planning use long term.

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