Newborn Fluffy Butts

First of all, an announcement! Baby girl R made her appearance May 13, weighing in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and is a very happy and healthy baby. So, here we are with two little girls! E has self started potty training (I was totally not gonna start that yet with a newbie around) so I have one moving out of diapers, and one moving in. 

Husband didn’t especially want to start cloth until her cord stump fell off, so I agreed to that. This is, of course, a personal choice. Newborn diapers and covers are designed with a notch for a cord. I am also choosing to use disposables at night, because this baby poops every 20 seconds, and in the middle of the night, I just really prefer an easy change. This is mostly because R is sleeping in our room, but the cloth changing set up is in the nursery…so instead of having two setups, this is how I’ve chosen to deal.

There is just as much variety in the Newborn diapering world as there is in the onesize world. AIOs, AI2’s, pockets, fitteds, Prefolds and covers all come in teeny-tiny options. However, because I have 8 pounders, and boob monsters that gain weight like sumo wrestlers, I chose to go with some cheaper options that have multiple uses down the road. 

So, what does my newborn stash look like?

  • 12 GMD small prefolds
  • 12 GMD small workhorses
  • 6 bamboo flats
  • 1 luxury bamboo stretchy flat (stashify)
  • 3 newborn covers (2 Thirsties Duo size one, 1 blueberry newborn Capri)

I chose to skip newborn size for the GMD products because of the size of my babies. Also, besides the workhorses and the covers, I already had all of these things in my stash from E. 

Because it’s recommended to change a newbie every two hours, it’s nice to have 24-36 changes available to be able to wash every other day. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, the poo is water soluble, so the soiled diaper can come directly off the baby and go straight into the pail. If you’re formula feeding a quick spray may be necessary. Most EBF stains will sun right out. Generally with my newbie stash, I wash, and hang dry outside, then fluff up in the dryer. 

Stay tuned for a Rear-View on workhorses, and some flat folding tutorials for tiny people. 


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