“Rear-View” – Nicki’s Bamboo AIO

Today, we’re going to be talking about the Nicki’s Bamboo AIO, or as it’s affectionately known, the NBAIO.  That’s not to be confused with NB AIO, which would stand for Newborn AIO…so that space is very important!

This diaper is one of those in my stash that I don’t reach for all the time, but when I do use it….I don’t understand why I don’t reach for it more often.

 photo 273BE8C1-D18-415B-AC93-1191F00761E7_zps00nna553.jpg

                                                NBAIO in Blue Razz

As the name implies, this is an AIO with a bamboo inner. It is One-Size, and it does come in snap and aplix options. The soaker is a bamboo terry that’s pretty soft and squishy – although it can be crunchy if you’re a line dryer.  The soaker is detachable, which makes for faster drying…and if you’re like me and prefer to line dry things with elastic, this helps, because you can throw the soaker in the dryer, and line dry the shell.

 photo AF6C1121-D5DB-43E7-9A0B-B7CA47DC6CD4_zpswdnkx1wk.jpg
 photo 6EAA33BA-4CB9-47EB-A3C0-5C7C080FDBD7_zpsgpmyfjze.jpg

This diaper is SUPER thirsty.  It’s actually probably the most absorbent thing I have.  I use it most for long car rides, or Daddy Days Out, since he’s not in tune enough to think about changing her unless she is emitting a smell. In all seriousness though, these things can hold a LOT of urine.  I think this is certainly a night worthy diaper – although I’ve never done it…I have used it for some pretty lengthy naps.
 photo A9095BA8-F166-48F4-B479-97D0F3D8233D_zps6frjph2d.jpg
 photo 2D788BCE-428B-4CAB-B2AC-5A5712FB1CBA_zpsldwrqiln.jpg
 photo 8FE809F8-EC8C-4C96-855A-A9ABA95E153C_zps5djtdns6.jpg
 photo 1EC92E09-4D03-42BE-8FA7-B0BBB0999B85_zpsylb1ytdw.jpg

This diaper has a great fit. The elastic is rolled, so it’s very gentle on little legs. It also creates a tight fit that helps to prevent any would be leaks. However, because of the rolled elastic, you may have to roll the legs back in to create the leak proof-ness that we all desire in our diapers. If left un-corrected, it will look like this:
 photo 34E8DB16-FC01-4C76-9552-8E1D9242A430_zpsndn2ltbg.jpg

So, why is that a problem? Well, if you leave it like this, there will likely be wicking around the legs, and onto the clothes your young’n is wearing. That’s never good, if it can be avoided. Speaking of wearing clothes; I think this diaper is pretty trim, and works well under clothes.
 photo 15264444-E51F-4B1F-A838-B90C45C70CD5_zpsq3soa0ti.jpg


I do think that this diaper looks a little smaller than most of my other one-size diapers, so if you have a super chunky baby, I may get one to try before investing in a whole bunch.  Although they do have great stretch, and E is still on the middle rise, and has a LOT of room left in the waist in this diaper, she’s a pretty petite little girl at a year.

Problems others have reported with this diaper, that I haven’t experience myself are: wicking through the tag, holes forming near the soaker snaps, and elastic giving out too quickly.  Although Nicki’s has GREAT customer service, and are generally really quick to address any issues. Now, that said…I’ve been using these diapers for over six months, and have had absolutely no issues.

Overall, I give this diaper a B+

Price: $$


  • Price
  • Fit
  • Dry time
  • Absorbency


  • Because of leg elastic, there is some finagling involved.
  • May not fit all babies
  • May be quality issues




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