State of the Stash

I’ll go ahead and warn you; this is going to be a lazy post. Mostly words, few pictures…and mostly for narcissistic reasons. You’ve been warned>

So. I’ve been using cloth for almost a year now. I started very modestly. I bought a dozen prefolds, two Flip covers, a BG 4.0, a 2 BG Freetimes, and two BG new style elementals. I later added a few more flips, and the GMD workhorse that’s in this picture. And here’s the thing…this stash worked wonderfully for me. I could still be happily CDing with this set up (if I still stayed home, and didn’t have to send E to daycare)…but my, how I love to try new fluff!
 photo 4c589259-b02f-4b6e-94ab-d0efe2ba8914_zps9656700b.png

In the year that’s followed, my stash has changed like crazy. I’ve added a few things, and destashed a few more. So where do things stand now? What am I loving? What am I considering sending on it’s way? What do I want more of? What do I have enough of? Here’s the break down…
 photo D25B6D8E-7DE7-4548-87FF-0F72A18211D3_zpsvk5l3ck2.jpg(This picture was taken a few weeks ago…and even since then I’ve added/destashed a few things…okay, okay…added more than destashed)

Pictured above

  • 6 Nicki’s Bamboo AIO
  • 6 Blueberry Simplex (3 bamboo, 1 cotton, 2 aplix)
  • 17 Tots Bots (V3 and V4)
  • 1 Goodmama fitted
  • 1 Poppy Fields fitted
  • 1 EarthLINGZ fitted
  • 3 Bamboozles
  • 2 Tangerine Babies
  • 1 Sprouting Jems
  • 1 Lily Lou Hoo
  • 6 Teeny Textiles
  • 9 OBGE
  • 1 Bububebe Sleepytime
  • 4 Pooters fitteds (1 hemp, 3 bamboo)
  • 1 Chelory
  • 1 Padded Patootie
  • 2 Bottombumpers
  • 2 Ragababes
  • 5 BG 4.0
  • 2 Flips
  • 1 Blueberry Capri

Not pictured, but was included in my stash at the time this picture was taken are 2 dozen prefolds (1 dz small, 1 dz medium) 1 B4 sleepytime, and 1 Capri.

I’ve since destashed the Chelory, and have added 6 more Simplex, 2 more Pooters Bamboo, 2 more Teeny Textiles, 1 more Tangerine Baby, and 1 Patty Pants fitted.

So.  Hypothetical situation.  Someone has a gun to you head, and you have to streamline your stash.  What do you do?

I keep the Simplex, because in my opinion, they are THE ULTIMATE AIO.  If I could get them ALL in bamboo, that’d make everything even better…but they’re still supremely excellent. I keep the Teeny Textiles, because they are my favorite fitted for daytime airing out of the booty.  And I keep the pooters, because they cannot be beat for nights, paired with wool (which I didn’t picture, because they can also be considered clothes)

Okay, but now I’m confused.  It was so easy for you to hypothetically pare down your stash…why don’t you do it for reals, yo?

Because I don’t WANT to!  I LOVE ALL THE DIAPERS!  Okay.  On a serious level…the NBAIO are excellent for long trips. Super absorbent, and fit SO great.  They’re also a great bang for your buck. I use these when travelling to see the grandparents, which are about 2 hours away.

The OBGE’s fit great and you can’t get them anymore!  What if they’re the ONLY thing that works down the line?  I keep these mostly out of fear that I’ll want them later. 

The Tots Bots are our day care diapers.  As far as ease of use, these are tops! Not only are they super easy to use, they’re pretty easy to keep clean too.  And it helps that the prints are so darn cute.

All the fitteds? I love the variety. Next to the Teeny Textiles, I adore Tangerine Baby diapers next. Also, most of them I bought to try out for myself after glowing recommendations. Even though they may not all be my favorites, they do work…and most of them are too darn cute to get rid of.

The Sleepytimes? What if they Pooters suddenly stop working for me overnight? I don’t want to have to wait for more of these guys to ship from Canada!

The Bottombumpers? They’re so trim!  What if she needs to wear skinny jeans?

So that same dude holding a gun to your head says you can keep most of it, but you have to get rid of 15 diapers.  What do you let go?

That’s actually pretty easy.  I let go of the OBGEs, and the BG 4.0’s (okay…that’s 14)…aaaaand, the Goodmama.  Mostly because I really don’t love the BG product line all that much.  And of all the fitteds that I have, the GM is my least favorite.  But thank God, no one is actually holding a gun to my head, so I can hoard them for as long as I want to, and you can’t do anything about it! 

Really, Jenni?  Seems like you need to get a grip!  

I know, I know.  It’s completely over indulgent.  This has truly become a hobby…and is about way more than E’s cute little booty.  But I figure, I’ll only be using these for a short while, so I may as well get all the enjoyment out of it that I can, while I can….and besides…if my husband can buy a dump truck, I can darn well BUY ALL THE DIAPERS!  

Okay, enough about you…does E have a favorite diaper?

No.  She’s an equal opportunity pooper.  Although, when I do hold a basket out to her and tell her to pick one, she tends to reach for orange ones first?  So, maybe she DOES have a favorite…

(Reviews to come on all the diapers mentioned here that haven’t been “Rear-viewed” yet.)



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