“Rear View” – Tots Bots

I know, I know…I’m not great at updates.  I apologize. Working, and now chasing a walker are about to kill me. It’s not killing my passion for cloth, though…so thanks for sticking around!

Let’s talk about Tots Bots. Tots make up the majority of my stash, at 17.  I wouldn’t say they’re my very favorite diaper but they are very user friendly, so these are our day care diaper of choice.  Just to warn you, Tots may be more difficult to get your hands on at the moment, but give them time.  Tots Bots is a company based in the UK, and they are in the middle of transitioning between two different version releases here in the States, so V3 are hard to find anymore, and V4 haven’t been released stateside yet.  I’ll cover both in this review.

Tots Bots

Tots Bots V4 Hey Diddle Diddle (left)
V3 Farmyard (right)

Tots Bots are One Size AIOs, with a pocket that can be stuffed with added absorbency. They are most well known for their aplix. In fact, some people claim theirs is the best in the CD world. Very sticky, and laundry tabs that actually stay stuck. Their aplix is SO popular, and the snaps, so not…that they didn’t even produce the V4 with a snap (or, as they call them in the UK, popper) version.

So, what’s the difference between the V3 and the V4 anyway? The inner. V3 has a super soft minky inner.  Minky isn’t known for being the most absorbent material…which is probably why the switch.  V4 is a bamboo and minky (aka, binky) blend. It’s not as soft, but much more absorbent. V4 also comes with a detachable booster that can be snapped on to add a little extra oomph.


V4 inner


V4 Top V3 Bottom


V4 with additional booster. It snaps in, and then can be tucked into the pocket.

These diapers have a very soft, thin PUL, which makes the diaper very flexible and soft all around. It is also a very trim option, although the V3 is more so than the V4.


V4 Tots Bots


V4 under clothes (Very difficult to get this little walker to be still!)


Still the V4, still not standing still


V3 in Blue Moo


V3 under clothes. (This shot was taken a few months ago, before she was on the move)


Left: V4 with added booster
Right: V3

These diapers also come in some GREAT prints! You may also see the word “Frugi” bounced around in the Tots world. Frugi is a clothing label in the UK, that collaborates with Tots Bots on some of their prints. There is no difference in the quality of a Frugi Tots Bots and a regular Tots Bots.

One thing I really LOVE is how easily poo sprays out of these, especially the V3. I have never had any issues with staining…which is another perk to them being our daycare diapers, since the poo can sit there for a while before I can address it in the evening.

Would I buy them again?  Well, I’m not sure.  I don’t really reach for these on my own, and at this point I have enough to get through daycare just fine. I am a sucker for their prints, though.  And they’re kind of marketing geniuses, and usually release in “sets” that go together – so they really play to the OCD nature of the general CD mom. (Obsessive Cloth Diapering??)

Price: That’s really hard to call at the moment, since most of the V3 are mostly sold out, and V4 aren’t released here yet.  Assuming that they go for the same price as the V3, $$


  • Aplix
  • Super trim fit
  • Nice and soft inner
  • Stupid cute prints
  • Cleans like a dream (V3 better than V4)
  • Quick drying
  • Built in pocket


  • Hard to get
  • Not the most absorbent for the price (although the V4 is better than the V3)
  • Price
  • Assembly


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