“Rear View” – Blueberry Simplex

I know what you’re thinking…to this point, you probably assumed that my entire stash was made up of BumGenius products.  But oh, how wrong you are.  I have a very diversified stash, made up of many brands, and many types.  Today, I’m going to tell you about the Blueberry Simplex.


Simplex in Giraffes

Simplex are available in one-size (OS) and sized options.  The sized are side snap diapers.  I don’t have any sized diapers, but many people like the sized, because they are especially trim.  I find this diaper to be quite trim as well thought.  I believe it’s trimmer, especially between the legs, than BG products.

The is an AIO style diaper, although there is a pocket that can be stuffed for extra absorbency.  The soaker is attached at one end.  It can be tucked into the pocket to keep natural fiber against the skin, but one side does have a stay dry lining, which can just be folded over if you’d prefer that lining against the skin.


Simplex with soaker untucked. Tuck in for natural fiber, or fold over for stay dry.

This diaper does come with snaps, and recently with an aplix version.  Blueberry did a limited release with bamboo in addition to the cotton lining.  I grabbed two of the bamboo option, and would buy all of them if they ever release them again.  I much prefer the bamboo to the cotton.  For some reason, I’m not able to get this diaper as soft as all my others, but I’m still trying to love it.  I love the design and the fit of this diaper, so I can get over a little bit of a rougher fabric.

DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0055This diaper does have rolled elastic in the legs, which I think gives a great fit.  I’ve never had any kind of leaks in this diaper, and that’s without ever adding absorbency.  It’s also incredibly trim under clothes.  I’ve been using this diaper since the beginning, when E was 2 months old, and I’ve just now, at 9 months had to move up from the smallest rise, so I believe this diaper is a TRUE OS, that will last until potty training.

Overall, I think this is a great diaper, that if someone were interested in building a stash with just one type of diaper, I think this would be THE diaper I would suggest; especially now that it comes with an aplix option for the snap averse.

Number in my current stash: 3 (2 bamboo, 1 cotton)

Would I buy them again?  Abso-freakin-lutely  and I plan to, as soon as I get over my WAHM obsession (don’t worry, updates coming soon!)

Price: $$$


  • Great fit
  • Natural fiber
  • Built in pocket
  • Stay dry option
  • trim


  • Price (Not that it’s not worth it!!)
  • Softness (and maybe this is just a personal problem…I don’t have it with the bamboo option)
  • Prints – where I love some of the prints offered, I feel there should be more!
  • Assembly – While it’s an AIO in that it’s all in one piece, you do have to stuff the insert back in for some applications


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