“Rear View” – Bum Genius Elemental

I’m almost done with my reviews of BumGenius products.  I know it seems like they make up the bulk of my stash, but that’s slightly inaccurate. I have destashed all of my Freetimes, and all of today’s subject.  I’m just trying to make sure I include all of my experiences in the good ole blog. So, without further ado…THE ELEMENTAL!


BumGenius Elemental – “Ribbit”

This is the new style Elemental.  You will also see this diaper referred to as the NBGE, as opposed to the OBGE. For whatever reason (Okay for cost effectiveness, most likely) Cottonbabies redesigned the fabulous Elemental into this.  This diaper is…well….not fabulous.  At least in my opinion.

It does still have two organic cotton soakers, so it does get a thumbs up for having natural fibers…but for me, that’s about all it has going for it.

IMG_0292 IMG_0293

As you can see in that second photo, there is no lining sewn between the soakers and the PUL, like the OBGE.  This can lead to exposed PUL against the babies skin with a lot of movement.  This diaper is essentially a Flip cover, with the soakers attached at both ends.


Left – Flip Cover
Right – NBGE

This diaper is also much wider between the legs than the OBGE. It is probably not wider than the Freetimes or the 4.0, but with less bulk from stuffing, it is more noticeable.


OBGE on top of NBGE to compare width between legs.


Side by side
Left – OBGE
Right – NBGE

When I first started contemplating cloth diapering, I wanted to just get two dozen of these guys.  (I had read reviews of what I now know are the OBGE, and was unaware of the redesign). Shan suggested that I not put all my eggs in one basket, that I may not like them or they might not work for us.   If I had done what I wanted, I probably wouldn’t have become so obsessed with trying all the diapers!  I would have just stopped my research, and been happy with what I had.  I am so glad that wasn’t the case, because while these did their job, they were not my favorite!  I could have lived with them, but am so happy not to.

IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0290They are a pretty trim diaper, and do fit pretty well under clothes.  They tend to fit a slightly larger child better, but the more mobile E became, the more the soakers scooched around and the more the PUL was right against her skin.

Overall I give this diaper a C.

Price: $$$


  • Natural, organic cotton soakers
  • Trim
  • True AIO
  • Easy to use


  • Wide crotch
  • Exposed PUL
  • Awkward on mobile babies
  • Not worth the price (IMO)
  • Poor redesign of a previously great diaper!




  1. Obge is old bum genius elemental. Nbge being new.

    What I love about them is I can put a flat inside the pocket for more absorption as well as covering the pul. That is part of the redesign that and quicker dry time. There are also ways to fold the dialers for less moving around. I’ve found you either love em or hate em.

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