Prep School

By now, I’ve inspired you enough to take the initial plunge, right? I thought so. I just know you’ve ordered piles of fluff and it’s all been delivered and you’re all ready to take those cute OTB shots, right?

screeeeeeeeeeech (that was me, slamming on the breaks)

You remembered to prep them, right?
(I know what you’re thinking…more work? I just wanna see that fluffy butt, already!)

But, in order to ensure good absorption, you’ll need to prep properly or you may experience leaks right out of the gate, which might discourage you. Really I’m only trying to help.

So, the first thing to determine is what kind of fabric we’re working with.

If you bought synthetics-like microfiber- Good news! You should only have to wash/dry one time and it’s ready to rock.

Natural fibers, like cotton, hemp, and bamboo (although you may see some argument as to how “natural” bamboo is due to the processing into fabric, but I digress) need a little more finessing.

Usually to be at their maximum absorbency, these fabrics need to be washed/dried up to eight times. But don’t panic! (Remember is said maximum absorbency) here’s what I do with my new natty fibers: if I get several new at a time I’ll wash them in a load unto themselves. If I get one, I’ll throw it in with my regular diaper laundry. (I’ll wait while all the hardcore CD experts chastise me but remember this is just my personal experience, no need to hate!) You will hear people tell you NEVER to wash an unprepared natural fiber diaper with diapers already in rotation, because the oils left on the fibers from processing will ruin your already prepped diapers! Oh the horror! In reality? I’ve done this several times, and have had no problems with repelling in my other diapers.

Annnyway-once they’re out of that initial wash/dry round I pull them right off the line (or out of the dryer, as the case may be) and drop em right back in the diaper pail with my other dirties, to be washed with my next laundry load.

Once they come out of that second wash/dry (are you ready?) I go ahead and put them into my rotation. That’s right! I defy the recommendations to launder eight times before use. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m just like everybody else and anxious to see that cutie booty. I just keep them on for short time periods…no three hour naps or long car rides, here, at least not til they’ve been through the wash a few more times. So far, I’ve had no problems with this routine. Before you know it, they’ve been through the recommended eight launderings and Voila! Maximum Absorbency Achieved!

When it comes to prefolds, I do tend to wash and dry them about four times before use, to make sure they’re quilted up nicely.

Okay…I’ll stop jabbering now, so you can get to prepping!


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